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I had just left one photo assignment and was headed to another when the Inman square branch of the Cambridge Savings Bank was allegedly robbed. The calm and cool Cambridge police dispatcher monitored and broadcasted positions of the perpetrator, aided by a GPS unit that was purportedly placed inside the money bag by the bank. The trail went from the Inman Sq. area toward the Somerville police station where Somerville and Cambridge police stopped MBTA bus #0658 on the 91 Route. There he was, and there I was. See my photos below and Boston Herald colleague Richard Weir’s story here.


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New addition to our fish tank. Surprise baby fish, shy too.

I am a proud papa!
There I was tonight staring into my 72 gallon fish tank, wondering when I would clean the damn thing. All of a sudden, there he/she was. A little baby fish. An African Cichlid. Now, keep in mind, my fish are not spring chickens, so I was surprised in a big way. I’m thinking it was the lowlight atmosphere and the Barry White CD that’s been playing in the living room that set, just the right mood. Cigars for everyone.

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Loyal dog found 1 mile from crash, reunited with injured driver.

Jim Squires and his dog Timber were exiting Route 1 South onto Chelsea’s Carter St. off ramp when a car, being chased by Saugus police and others, crashed into him. His pickup truck rolled over. He crawled from the wreck with only minor cuts but noticed his dog was gone, last seen scampering down the Carter St. ramp. Police officers at the wreck were seen looking over the elevated ramp for any signs of the dog. I was positioned on the ramp with my cameras also. One mile away and 55 minutes later a resident of the Prattville section of Chelsea called police to report a strange dog acting “scared.” I left the wreck and drove to Jones Ave. after hearing police scanner transmissions about the dog. I arrived to find crash victim Jim Squires carrying his dog to a waiting police car. Squires, a strapping off duty Hampton, NH firefighter/paramedic was still bleeding from his head as he held tight to the scared Golden Retriever. Back at the scene investigating officers were mopping up the area where 2 people, in the fleeing car, were arrested and a total of 3 people were injured. Traffic in the area was tied up for a couple of hours. Read more in todays Boston Herald.

Chelsea police start the search for Timber, a dog that ran away from a rolled over pickup truck.

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The moon rose tonight at 8:53pm. This was photographed at 9:17pm as a departing  jet from Logan took off  from runway 15 (its back to Eastie and its front pointing toward Hull) I was in a parking garage in Medford’s Wellington Circle. The moon was very yellow and reddish. My camera was set at 2500 asa/iso, and my settings were 1/160th of a second at F8. I used an 800mm lens with a 1.4x extender, making the lens a whopping 1120mm. I used a Canon EOS 1D Mark 111. The photo at the bottom was a “just missed” a few minutes before the “hit.” The problems I encountered led to a soft photo, that is, not as sharp as one would hope. When the moon is so “young” in its infancy, there is a lot of moisture and earth pollution in between it and my lens. Also, the jet is moving very fast and I am only at 1/160th of a second due to the limitations of such a large lens. All in all I was happy to have watched this. 

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Boston man captures image of Playboy bunny in Supermoon.

There it is. Captured at 10:25pm, just a few short minutes ago. No photoshop, no trickery. Persistent low clouds over Boston, passing in front of the moon at a high rate of speed, somehow produced this photo. Stop the damn presses 🙂

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Supermoon + superfog = superfail

The fog rolls in at East Boston’s Constitution Beach. My hopes to photograph the cool moon tonight were dashed as a fog bank rolled in, getting progressively worse by the minute. These photos were snapped at 7:39pm, 7:43pm, 7:46pm, and 7:49pm respectively. They show just how potent the fog was, getting worse every minute. In fact, Logan airport arriving jets were warned of the fog and some switched to a category 3 landing, which is defined as a landing attempt in runway visibility less than 1200ft. A more heightened strand of an instrument landing system. Keep in mind, I never left my position and this is a 10 minute frame. All in all, a disappointing night.

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Left on the cutting room floor. Home for unwanted photos.

Every day I snap photos that, for some reason or another, don’t see the light of day regarding being published. They may not be strong enough in the quality department, or they just might not be relevant. Some photos, like the dog in traffic being “chauffeured” in a bright red car, the American flag in Winthrop, or these airplanes on a cloudy day were shot either en route to photo assignments or with no intention of having them published. The helicopter from the North Andover Flight Academy, happened to be flying at sunset over my Somerville neighborhood. I was fascinated at how my lens was able to magnify these two passengers so powerfully. The photo of the old man talking to Boston police East Boston district Captain Kelley McCormick has a funny story to it, in an otherwise sad event. This photo was snapped this morning at the homicide of a man on Chelsea St. in Eastie. This man, in his nineties, would not give me his name. Instead, he gave me a good laugh, which I will explain at the end. The photo shows him arriving to his house, which is next to the murder scene. He is very concerned about what is happening, as he has just stumbled upon the goings-on next door. Captain McCormick gently tells him what has happened and where he can and cannot proceed to. I approached him for his name and to find out if he knew anything or anyone regarding the crime. He said no, but motioned me to come closer so that he could whisper something in my ear. I came closer and put my ear to near his mouth and he said, “closer”, so I went closer. He then said, referring to the crime: “I did it.” He was great. He had a smile from ear to ear. Thanks for reading.

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