Dramatic Video of 2007 Incident Similar To Alitalia’s Boston Jet Engine Failure.

Last evening’s engine failure aboard an Alitalia/Air One Airbus 330 has not officially been called a “bird strike.” But one 2007 incident, captured dramatically here by photographer Simon Lowe, shows some similarities in cockpit audio transmissions as well as witness descriptions of intermittent fire and popping sounds. Liveatc.net has last evening’s cockpit audio transmissions between Logan tower and the pilot here (Alitalia-61G-Engine-Failure-KBOS-2010-06-15). Listen how the Logan controller directs the jet around radio towers, presumably the Needham TV towers. Watch and listen to both incidents and see how calm all involved are. More of Simon’s work can be seen here. The plane, below, is the actual plane with the tail number of “EI-DIP” shown in a photo I snapped May 10.

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