Full moon rises over Boston Harbor’s Graves Light.

The full Friday the 13th Harvest Moon rises over Boston Harbor’s Graves Light. A short story about this photo. I left our house at 7:00pm, having left at the end of dinner with Laura and Leo. I got to where I wanted to be for the moonrise at about 7:03, and the moon rose at 7:10. I was positioned a little too far away from where I wanted to be (for the alignment of all these elements) so I had to run a couple of blocks as fast as I could to lineup the moon exactly where I wanted the lighthouse to be. Prior to my running to line things up, I was a top a seawall. There was a resident, a flight attendant leaving for a flight and she was very chatty and nice. She asked me what I was doing and I told her that within a minute or two the moon will be seen as an orange glow, and I pointed, “right there”. She had recently moved here from Texas. The moon started its colorful ascent. She was saying something like “oh cool, oh wow , there it is!” I abandoned her, and my phones and car keys, as I started my run to align. She grabbed them and ran them over to me fast, so she wouldn’t miss her flight, and so that I would also get my stuff (secured). Now I’ve got a friend. I’m gonna email her the photo. Have a nice flight Sarah. Anyway, I was back home at 7:18pm. A very memorable 18 minutes. Pretty quick! My very supportive employer, NBC10Boston, ran the photo during the weather segment on a few shows.

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