My Take, Photographically, on the Sal DiMasi Case.

I had been out there to greet them, every day for the last month. That’s right, when other media types passed on the chance to photograph Sal DiMasi and his wife Deborah arriving at Moakley court for their usual time of between 8:24 and 8:35am, I was there. Sometimes it was quite awkward, as the only people in front of the court ¬†were Sal, Deborah and me. He was always very pleasant, asking how my morning was, and wondering aloud why I was the only photographer here everyday. Today was the day, as he was found guilty on the majority of counts against him. Here are some of my photos from immediately after the verdict, when Sal left court, spoke for a few minutes and then was on his way home. Here is the Herald story.

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