Old Glory and Today’s Lightning Storms, From Revere Beach.

I snapped this photo early this evening from Revere’s Beachmont section. Today’s storms were very hard to judge, photographically speaking. The first lightning event popped up pretty fast from the persistent dark cloud bank that was hanging to our west most of the day. I was in the Point Shirley section of Winthrop waiting and waiting for the storms to form. Unfortunately the lightning, after only a few dull and distant bolts, became quite fierce directly overhead. So it was a bit too dangerous for me to set up outside. Thankfully, storm after lightning producing storm continued to form and move east. Sadly, this was the only success I had all day. Funny, with the whole debt crisis bill being passed today, I think maybe it’s an appropriate photo, maybe a hopeful photo. That is, Old Glory standing proud in the face of a dangerous storm. Let’s hope!!

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