Today’s Earthquake and The Eerily Similar Feel to One Awful September Day.

It was felt in Washington DC, New York City and here in Boston. I bet the outdoor temperature was the same, or off by a degree or two. The sky was the same deep blue. There was the same rush to make a cell phone call. As we approach the tenth anniversary of the September 11 attacks, this natural occurring event brought back, vividly, the memories of that awful day. No disrespect meant whatsoever to the 2977 heroes that died on that day. This comparison is only in feeling, and not in emotion, etc.  I did not feel the earth shake today when my Boston Herald photo editor diverted me from a regularly scheduled photo assignment. I was to go to Brookline where there were three Beacon street buildings that were being evacuated due to structural concerns. In the moments after the 2001 attacks, I was also sent onto the streets to photograph shocked people. I would eventually make my way through 2 hours of traffic to get from Boston’s South End to Logan, to cover that end of that horrible new event. Today’s photos were thankfully less pain-filled. The photos of Beacon St. from today are seen below.  Catch more on

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