Naked Guy Seen Down By the Banks of the River Charles.

I photographed this man who, according to a Cambridge police dispatcher’s radio transmission, stripped and jumped into the water from near the intersection of the Mass. Ave.  bridge and Memorial Drive. I caught up with him on the Storrow Drive side where Massachusetts state police troopers were waiting for him.

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26 Responses to “Naked Guy Seen Down By the Banks of the River Charles.”

  1. roger says:

    great photos ! loved doing spot news years ago.

  2. gordon says:

    I would worry not about being arrested but rather having all that dirty water touch my skin.

  3. CaT says:


  4. tim says:

    while i have no clue why this guy is swimming naked, i think it’s absolutely ridiculous that those troopers treat him like that. Why does he have to be handcuffed? ok maybe if he was fighting but it looked pretty peaceful. And why can’t they cover him up? They knew he was naked, didn’t they? Come on. This guy did nothing to anybody except expose himself but surely not in a provocative way. I mean he was pretty much covered most of the time, wasn’t he. Maybe he is insane, who knows. I wish the police would show a citizen more respect than this…..

  5. tim says:

    He loves that dirty water…

  6. William says:

    Love that Dirty Water!

  7. CaT says:

    i want to restate:
    nice that you documented this!
    but poor, poor guy….
    arent we all born this way?

  8. M. says:

    How petty can the cops get? Not that I’d advocate swimming in the Charles River naked, because it’s not the most sanitary water in the world, but why can’t the cops treat the guy with some respect? He was committing no crime, nor was he breaking any laws.

  9. Troy says:

    How many police does it take to arrest a peaceful naked man? 😉

  10. pnew says:

    u just said he exposed himself what if children wre there little girls your mother sister wife or boyfriend he broke the law and was arrested if he hed a bathing suit on he could have stayed in the water all day how many cops do u know carry a sheet with them they wait for ambulanceto aRRIVE to cover them THEN LOOK IN HIS EYES HE DOESWN’T HAVE ISSUES

  11. m says:

    Why do we only get pictures from behind?

  12. Michael says:

    @PNEW OOH NO HE WAS NAKED? KIDS MAY SEE HIM NAKED?!?!? Can you imagine what would happen if kids saw someone naked? How damaged would they be? I mean, how do you live a normal life after seeing someone swim naked? I would never be the same. I think they should have maced him and tied him to a tree to teach him a lesson, crazy bastard.


    Mr. Complete Sarcasm

  13. 42 years this week…IN MEMORY OF MARY JO.

  14. Mr man says:

    Any frontal shots?

  15. joe says:

    i actually don’t think it’s legal to swim in the charles even WITH a bathing suit. i was in a sailing club there and they “reminded” us of this every so often. “protected waterway”, EPA rules, sumpin.

    btw, was the guy an MIT student? looks a tad old in the pix, but given the location, i wud assume so.

  16. Twinkie says:

    I just learned this from a Duck Tour today….

    Charles is being honored as one of the world’s cleanest rivers, and was named a top three finalist in the International River Foundation’s 2011

    But…I can’t explain the naked dude.

  17. Woody says:

    Well, at least they knew he wasn’t carrying any concealed weapons.

  18. I love the female runner in the white shirt not even batting an eye lash. And if the duck tour driver thinks that water is clean he’s got more of a problem than the nut in the river

  19. Tom W says:

    Three troopers to subdue one _very_ obviously unarmed man? Seriously?!?

    Our tax dollars at work…sheesh.

  20. RB says:

    Taking a dip is no reason for an arrest! Was he hurting anybody?

  21. Joel Henderson says:

    From what I’ve heard, this guy is apparently schizophrenic or something…he was causing a bit of a ruckus in Somerville the other night (though I think he was at least half-clothed at that point).

    My first instinct is to also wonder why the cops had to cuff him while he was on the ground, etc but I wasn’t there so I don’t know how he was acting…hope he gets some help

  22. dhinch says:

    Ok, a couple things from one who was there (sitting on the bench in pics 1 & 3; an odd end to my lunch break)

    1) The guy jumped off the Mass Ave. bridge into the river. While not hurting anyone, I think that is against the law, not to mention public nudity/indecency.

    2) The cops did cover the guy up just seconds after this photo was taken. They also asked people to have some respect and not take pictures of the guy.

    3) It was waaaaay more than 3 cops there. I counted as I left and this is what I came up with: 8 State police cars, 5 local police cars (Cambridge, I think), 4 EMS trucks, 3 fire/rescue trucks, 2 police boats on the water, and 1 bike cop. Pretty ridiculous.

  23. Howie says:

    That actually is Margery Eagan.

  24. Stash says:

    I can’t believe how many think this is perfectly okay and criticize the police, EMS, and fire department for having so many there. I’m sure when the call went out they had no idea what they would be dealing with or what the outcome would be.

    What is wrong with you people?

  25. Billy says:

    Joel Henderson, you’re right. I know the guy personally, and he always seems to be getting arrested over random stuff. I’m pretty sure he has a screw loose, as I’ve seen him flip his crazy switch a couple times…

    He’s generally a nice kid, but he definitely isn’t all there.

  26. Jess says:

    he is terminator from 2018 man! dont u know!hair style all that! he got no idea return and drop at river! then swimming back to land i think! LOL