16 years ago this hour: 5 Fatality Newton Fire. Feb. 9, 2000

I was working my shift at the Boston Herald on a sunny afternoon when the police scanners reported a fire in an office building on Route 9 in Newton. As I approached the building I knew this was not going to be an ordinary event. Heavy smoke filled the sky near the Chestnut Hill Mall as the building, packed with workers, exploded in fire. Five people died in the blaze even as¬†Brookline and Newton fire companies did amazing and heroic work that day. This the site of the new Wegman’s, etc. See my photos below.¬†

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3 Responses to “16 years ago this hour: 5 Fatality Newton Fire. Feb. 9, 2000”

  1. Bill Cochran says:

    I witnessed the later stages of this fire and had no idea there were fatalities until I got home and saw the news. I was shocked. Middle of the day. How? I wondered. Dramatic photos.

  2. Mike Guzzi says:

    I was working this day, driver of the first due Engine-3 running a 1972 ward lafrance spare, people were hanging out windows upon arrival, heavy thick black smoke, worst fire in my 33 yr career

  3. markadmin says:

    Hi Mike. Thanks for writing in. You guys did such a good job. So sorry it worked out the way it did with the fatalities. Hope you’re doing well.