Preparations for shooting Boston Light and BIG moon, and the finished product(s).

I was planning on photographing the moon over Boston Light Wednesday night. Below is the finished product with 3 other photos I shot last night. The moon hid behind haze and clouds for the first several minutes, disrupting my plans to get the moon directly behind the lighthouse. This (below) is the moon at during the first moments that the moon was visible, unfortunately. It just go to show that the best plans are still at the mercy of nature. Very frustrating. When it finally popped up, it was a bit too high for my liking. I will try again to get the pleasing photo that I have been trying for. Prior to the moon shot, I photographed the sun, which was a hot, hazy ball as it was setting over the Tobin Bridge. I also photographed two high altitude planes. I shot all these at Deer Island using a Canon 800mm lens, carried on my back as I rode my bike. HEAVY, for sure. Below the sun and moon photos, are photos of some of the preparations that I needed.
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