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              It was 11 years ago today that Christine Desrochers-Broderick, clinging to the roof of her submerged car, was rescued by off-duty Somerville firefighter Michael Marino in the Assembly Square underpass at Mystic Ave. It was not long after that all three of us were contacted by The Weather Channel, to “star” in their (then) new show, Twist of Fate. Here is my blog dispatch from that day.
              I came upon this dramatic scene after completing news coverage of a long, hot, then very rainy immigration rally in Boston. The police scanner was crackling something about a person or persons stuck under the Assembly Square underpass at Mystic Ave. I drove to an area near the courthouse where I saw troopers feverishly trying to enter the water and gain access to the serious situation that was unfolding. I noticed a young couple sitting on the curb and I turned to see that their car’s roof, about an inch of it, was still visible. Within a few minutes the tunnel was almost 80% filled with water maybe 10 feet high. I had to kneel down to see what was unfolding about 70 yards into the tunnel. There I could see a woman atop of what appeared to be her car. I returned to my car to get my 800mm telephoto lens, snapped a few photos there and then ran like hell to the other side of the underpass. That is where I saw troopers Joe Kalil and Stephen Barnes and Somerville firefighters Jack Betkwith, LT Michael Anzalone and off-duty firefighter Michael Marino. I positioned myself on McGrath Highway above the rescue and pointed my 70-200 mm lens through the chain link fence. The troopers and the firefighters worked in unison to perfection. The only problem was, would my lens stay dry enough in the rain to capture the rescue? I borrowed the corner of a passerby’s dry shirt to use to clean my lens since my clothes were drenched. Lucky for me that the man didn’t think I was nuts when I asked him: “may I use your shirt to clean my lens?” Then, out the rescuers popped with one cold and wet Christine Broderick, as they guided her through the water that now contained mostly raw sewage.


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More from Saturday’s big Revere fire. Per reader requests.

My Boston Herald photo coverage of Saturday’s 5-alarm fire in Revere caught the attention of several readers of my blog, and of the Herald. Here is most of my photo shoot from Saturday evening’s fire at Sozio Appliance, a fixture on Squire road for many decades. Here is the Herald story from Kathleen McKiernan, and, as always, reader feedback is very much appreciated..






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Chelsea police and fire department, along with Boston fire department, rescued a man from high above the Mystic River Saturday  August 9. A man allegedly assaulted his wife with a knife in Malden. Malden police gave an alert, in the form of an all points bulletin,  “be on the lookout” broadcast. A Chelsea police officer spotted his Lincoln Towne Car and gave chase. A brief pursuit ended on the upper deck of the Tobin Bridge when the man got out of his car and jumped over the railing. He was caught in the construction netting on the lower deck, approximately 50 feet below where he jumped from. He survived with a leg injury. The rescue took approximately 30 minutes. I was there, far away and under the bridge, with my 800mm lens and a 1.4x extender. Here are my photos.







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Pictureboston returns after brief hiatus

It has been a busy several weeks of the new year since my father, Robert Garfinkel, passed away on January 14. He was a great guy and he, along with my mother, sister and wife Laura Crimaldi, have always been very supportive of my photo work. Animal rescues, and animal’s in winter scenes, have dominated my photo work so far this year. Boston firefighter Sean Coyle rescuing a Husky that was stuck on the ice at Southie’s Sugar Bowl, a dog enjoying a Back Bay snowman, and Framingham firefighters helping to save several cows after a barn collapse, have been my highlights so far. Thanks, as always, for your support.














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Lasting Images From Friday’s Peabody Firefighter Fatal Fire

This was a sad news event to cover for sure as word of the death of firefighter James Rice started to spread to working firefighters at 5 Hancock street. See my photos below.

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