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On This Date in My Photo History: July 12, 2007

(071207-Revere,MA) The sand sculptures at Revere Beach frame shadows of the throngs that came at sunset to check out the artwork. This years event is planned for July 14-July 18. Below photos snapped for the Boston Herald.

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Striking Lightning Hits Hub, again!

Vivid lightning struck the Boston area yet again last evening. I headed to Revere Beach, as I did a few days ago, due to the strong storms that were headed toward Swampscott and Lynn etc. I snapped these people checking out the show. EDITORS NOTE: Lightning is the second leading killer in the “hazardous weather killing” category so…don’t try this at home! Also, that is the Massachusetts State Police Revere barracks in the first photo. Herald story is here.

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Yesterday’s Lightning Storm: From Revere Beach.

(06/01/10-Revere,Mass.) A young man tries to keep dry under the shelter of a Revere Beach gazebo as lightning strikes offshore at approximately 3:30 pm yesterday afternoon. Then the heavy rain can be seen just offshore in bottom photo..

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