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I believe the photos below show the all important pizza box evidence in this vicious and sad case. After covering this horrific crime as it unfolded as a news photographer for the Boston Herald, I was curious to read in the papers about the prosecution’s case, etc. I read that a bloody pizza box was found under a car next to the victim’s green Subaru that had been found at the rear of a church at 1450 River Street. I was familiar with this because I was there minutes after Boston police discovered the car due to an observant citizen. I went back to my computer and studied some of my photos. Under the red car at the right of the green Subaru appears to be a cardboard box. I still had some work to do in confirming this as the prosecution did not state which car, immediately next to the victim’s car, the evidence was found under. According to Jake Wark, the spokesman for the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office, a pizza box was recovered from beneath the vehicle at the passenger’s side of Mr. Nova’s car”

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