Two Boston firefighters die in Back Bay blaze. My photos.

A very sad day. Here are some scenes that I witnessed today. May firefighters Edward Walsh and Michael Kennedy rest in peace. Great job by their fellow firefighters to try and rescue them.
My statement regarding the photo of neighbor Tom Brady watching the fire from rooftop.

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6 Responses to “Two Boston firefighters die in Back Bay blaze. My photos.”

  1. Chuck Bazylinski says:

    Excellent photos of a tragic day for the Boston Fire Department and the fire service.

  2. Laurie Vaughn says:

    No earthly words can describe what feelings consume me. As a wife of a firefighter. I have been asked why. Why would firefighters have gone in that building? I simply reply with…”Because they are firefighters.” God bless them all. God bless their families. Most of all, God bless their Brothers and Sisters as they continue to do the most difficult job in the world with this weight on their hearts.

  3. Ione Johnson says:

    Heart wrenching! May God watch over these brave men. Amen.

  4. markadmin says:

    Thanks for commenting Laurie! Well said.

  5. markadmin says:

    Thanks Chuck!

  6. Dr. Barry Brown says:

    Thank God for men and women, who risk their lives every day so that others may live. May the Almighty Father receive these brave souls in Paradise. Amen